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Our ‘Demands’ from States and Companies as ‘Some’ Anarchists from Turkey:


1- Looting from private properties like supermarkets, shopping malls and storages of companies; should be legitimate.

2- Robberies from banks and jewelers should be legitimate.

3- Intruding and destroying private properties like hotel, residence, factory; should be legitimate. Devamını Oku →

Açlık Grevinin 45. Gününde Zafer! / Victory On The 45. Day Of Hunger Strike!

untitledKuşatıldığı kalın hapishane duvarları içinde devlete karşı teslim olmayarak verdiği amansız mücadeleden Osman Evcan zaferle ayrıldı. Öne sürdüğü şartları kabul ettiren Osman Evcan bu zor süreçten sisteme boyun eğmeyerek çıkmayı başardı. Devamını Oku →

ABC Istanbul: ‘Osman Evcan won the fight again’

AdsızAnarchist prisoner Osman Evcan resisted and won his fight again!

Osman Evcan and Hasan Çınar gained the victory from the determined struggle which they put their lives against the state inside the thick walls of prison which they are enclosed. Osman and Hasan, got what they demanded through this hard period. Devamını Oku →

Istanbul: Demo for Osman Evcan, vegan anarchist on hungerstrike (Turkey)

161220152241589052395_2_censoredvideo & pictures

A demonstration took place in Taksim (Istanbul) to show solidarity with
vegan anarchist Osman Evcan who is on hunger strike for 37 days, and
with the political prisoner Hasan Çınar who is on hunger strike for 15
days. The demo continued by constant threats by the riot police and
ended by police attack after the public statement. Devamını Oku →

Osman Evcan is on hunger strike for 35 days – Hasan Çınar is on hunger strike for 10 days (Turkey)

12360253_1687774348145417_2862474900638457432_nOsman Evcan continues his indefinite hunger strike to protest Kocaeli no.
1 F Type prison and other prisons of oppressive, authoritarian, retributive,
unjust practices. He is on hunger strike since 10th November 2015. Also
Osman Evcan’s cellmate Hasan Çınar started an indefinite hunger strike 10
days ago to support Osman. He is suffering from stomach cancer. Due to
his health condition this hunger strike might be really dangerous for
him in a really short time period. Devamını Oku →

Osman Evcan on Hunger Strike: Anarchists and animal liberationists went to Kandıra F type prison (Turkey)

20151205_150317From ABC Istanbul:

Anarchists and animal liberationists went to Kandıra F type prison, Osman Evcan is on hunger strike since 10th November with various demands. Also Osman Evcan’s cellmate Hasan Çınar started indefinite hunger strike 3 days ago to support Osman Evcan. Devamını Oku →

Call for International Solidarity: Simultaneous local / global call for action on December 5th for Osman on hunger strike…

AdsızCall for International Solidarity: Simultaneous local / global call for action on December 5th for Osman on hunger strike…

We are going in front of Kandıra No.1 F Type Prison to support Osman Evcan…

Osman Evcan is resisting authority as an anarchist against speciecism for uninterrupted 23 years in state prisons. Osman Evcan supports the struggle for animal liberation as an anarchist since 2003. He has been a name for us, who voices the demand for total freedom against ecological destruction, hunger, poverty, carnage and war policies created by the state and capitalism. Devamını Oku →

Letter from veganarchist prisoner Osman Evcan (Turkey)

50x70osmanevcanafis-01We visited vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan at Kocaeli no:1 high security prison on his 16. Day of hunger strike. It is obvious that in parallel with the elections on November, the state fascism and oppression techniques have a reflection on the prisons. Because of the anarchist, vegan, libertarian ideas that Osman Evcan was fighting for, for many years; the pressure on him increases. Osman Evcan is now facing with F type Prisons intimidation policies. His access to vegan food is blocked. And he is facing with the imposition : “ obey or die”.

Osman Evcan continues his resistance under worsening conditions of prisons. Devamını Oku →

ABC Istanbul: Solidarity with imprisoned vegan anarchist Osman Evcan on hunger strike since Nov 10 (Turkey)

AdsızWho is Osman Evcan?

Osman Evcan who was born on 1959 in Samsun is an anarchist prisoner who spent his last 23 years in prison. İn 1992 he was sentenced to 30 years in prison with the charges of being a member of a leftist terrorist group and robbery. Devamını Oku →

Istanbul: Anarchist space “infiAl” raided by anti-terror police after report by Islamic-fascist newspaper (Turkey)

infialThere´s an anarchist place (infoshop,library,event space etc..) in Istanbul called “infiAl”. Islamist fascist Vahdet newspaper mobilized the police by publishing a report with the title “Anarchist are preparing themselves for civil war” and police raided infiAl. When they came the first time (with guns, armored police cars etc) people in the place managed to keep them away but in the following days they came more prepared with a search warrant. Devamını Oku →

Anarchist comrade Kerem Kamil Koç passed away

11130268_1833709933521747_1691571694044082029_nThis morning (03 April 2015) we have lost our comrade Kerem Kamil Koç who was fighting against cancer for two years.

Notice to his friends and comrades!

His funeral will take place tomorrow (04 Nisan 2015), in Sisli Merkez Cami. Then he’ll be buried in Ferikoy Cemetery.

We’ll meet at 12:00 in Sisli Merkez Cami. Devamını Oku →

Istanbul: Anarchist solidarity action in solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek Prisons

11080861_341952946011091_7265224085538107745_oToday, an anarchist solidarity action took place in Taksim, Istanbul, in solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek Prisons in front of Greek Embassy.

Almost 15 anarchist came in front of the Embassy and unfurled
a banner on which writes: “Fire to the prisons, freedom for all prisoners”. Anarchists chanted slogans against Greek goverment, its prisons and against all governments and prisons. Devamını Oku →