Are We From the Oppressors, or the Oppressed?

question-markWhen somebody uses the words ‘oppressor’ and ‘oppressed’ what we feel and imagine is pretty clear generally. But let’s dive into this subject.

Oppressed in one subject, can be an oppressor in another subject.

Oppressed with national identity, but can oppress with masculinity.

Oppressed in economical class, but can oppress with religious identity.

Oppressed with villager-rural identity, but can oppress with western identity.

Oppressed in the color of skin, but can oppress with status of job or knowledge.

Oppressed with sexual orientation, but can oppress with human culture.

These situations don’t create contradictions.

Anarchism doesn’t consider people as angel of goodness, even if these people are oppressed in many subjects. Let’s think about an immigrant male that without money, homeless, has no right at all. But we can’t close our eyes towards his patriarchal and homophobic behaviors just because he is an immigrant.

In this situation he is not harassing because he is an immigrant (oppressed). He is harassing because he is masculine and coming from a patriarchal culture (oppressor).

Another example. She is not humiliating other people with her high culture-knowledge because she came from third world countries or she is woman (oppressed). She is humiliating because she is educated and arrogant (oppressor).

Nor organizations, nor peoples, nor families, nor people one by one are angel of goodness. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t or shouldn’t create any kind of solidarity, because they are not (also we are not) angel of goodness. Also it doesn’t mean that there is no difference between oppressed and oppressor, between friend and enemy.

Against oppressors, against oppressor behavior and discourse, until all the ruling instruments are totally destroyed. Sincere critique to friends, sincere attack to enemies.

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