Eskişehir: An anti authoritarian arrested in operation against YDG-H

1110091_620x410Yesterday morning police who made an operation to some houses arrested 1 anti authoritarian activist with 12 people. The terror units who raided houses at 07:30 a.m. charged some friends and comrades of being members of YDG-H (Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement) which is the youth organization of kurdish liberation movement. It’s said by the police that the list of arrestees will be expanded.

During operation our comrades were directly handcuffed and police leaned their guns against the head of arrestees. During raids, Fatma Emine Çakır had a panic attack then she was taken to the hospital. She is now still in hospital. Other arrestees are: Sehmuz Serdar Gören, Şahin Kayaalp, Ufuk Can Kurtalan, Serhat Erçin(Anti Authoritarian comrade), Zeynep Sol, Maşallah Ağaç, Eylem Alper, Cemsit Bilmez, Enes Baran, Mehmet Emin Çakmak, Nametullah Basar, Fatma Emine Çakır.

Anti Otoriter Blok Eskişehir (Anti-Authoritarian Bloc Eskisehir)

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