Osman Evcan, vegan-anarchist prisoner, is going on a hunger strike during “Feast of Slaughter”

Vegan-anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan will protest “Feast of Sacrifice”, which is a part of slaughter and exploitation culture, with 3-day hunger strike. They, who went on a 42-day hunger strike for the recognition of the right of vegan nutrition in 2011, continues their total struggle with their protests about LGBTI+, women’s and animals’ freedom.

Osman is a person who made the authority step back at every processes they took actions. Osman still resists against authority’s surveillance under isolation and other various torture methods with the rough condition of vegan nourishment. With the awareness that not only humankind but also all animals and ecology are victimized and imprisoned by the authority, Osman has said those words about “Feast of Sacrifice”;

“This massacre, which is celebrated as a feast, is the selfishness of humankind and this attitude is an inability of a species that offers a bribe to God. Humans and other animals are equal when we talk about feeling pain. Why do we choose an animal to sacrifice while we know this fact?! The massacre and cruelty that humankind carries out on both its own species and other animals reflects its character.”

While tyrants spending all their power to sustain their sovereignty by imprisoning life from slaughterhouses to prisons with their culture of exploitation, we are fighting against all forms of authority in our political, cultural and personal spheres. Despite all the pressures, our rebellion continues against the ones who live on suffering, blood and deaths.

Osman continues to struggle and fight in prisons, one of the most intense areas of isolation, as well as Nuriye and Semih.

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