Is West Europe Really that ‘Green’?

When we hear the words like ‘anti-consumerism’ , ‘recycling’ , ‘carbon footprint’ , ‘vegetarian’, ‘clean energy’ we immediately think about West Europe. But is West Europe really consuming less? Spending less energy? Producing less waste? Making less carbon emission to earth? Killing, exploiting less animals? Culture of tolerance and ‘living together’ is more settled?

West Europe can make propaganda of how much they are respecting nature-animals, their waste is finished and even importing waste, having dreamlike lifes in ecological houses. We will check the numbers of modern science that are created by them.


Ecological Footprint or Carbon Footprint


Renewable systems, solar energies, bio-fuels, sustainability, ‘cittaslow’s, self-sufficent houses, returning to nature and villages…How is it possible that North Europe shining in red, together with all these greenish words? Anyway Russia or United Arab Emirates never claimed that they are ‘green’ but North Europe?

Denmark that talking a lot about wind energy technology, even supplies 40 percent of electricity by wind power. But still 4th on the list!

Waste per Person

European Union is proud of recycling and making propaganda of it to the rest of the world. But the reason why developing the industry of recycling is that they are producing a lot of waste. With USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Turkey etc. almost all EU countries are super red.


Among EU countries Romania is the country that produces least waste with 300 kg. And Denmark produces most waste with 747 kg.

Romania, Estonia and Poland countries that produces around 300 kg waste; Ireland, Austria, France and Netherlands produces around 500 kg waste; Germany, Luxemburg and Greece produces around 600 kg waste.

Energy Consumption per Person
We can see that North and West Europe, Gulf countries, North America, Russia, Japan, South Korea -these are all developed countries- are super red.

Also in year 2010 among Gulf countries, USA, Canada and Russia; there are Norway and Sweden.

If we check especially for Europe again it is not different. Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Luxemburg, Belgium…

Meat Consumption per Person
When we hear about veganism, vegetarian, animal liberation; first we think West Europe countries. But again West Europe is super red. Animal exploitation in South America also draws attention.

Sweden has a population of 10 million, every person in Sweden eats 80 kg of meat every year averagely. Bangladesh has a population of 160 million, every person in Bangladesh eats 4 kg meat per year averagely.

In Sweden 10 percent of the people are vegetarian, but still meat consumption in Bangladesh (640 million kg) is less then Sweden (800 million kg).

Culture of Tolerance and ‘Living Together’

Another known characteristic of West Europe countries is that, culture of tolerance and living together is settled. Let’s don’t talk about the immigrants. Or don’t talk aobut homeless humans. That nails are being put to public spaces, so homeless people can’t lay on. Or taking their blankets by force to harrass them. Or pushing them away to the outskirts of cities.

Let’t talk about non-human animals. Countries and societies of West Europe have zero tolerance to free (without an owner) animals. When they see a free animal on the street, they will directly bring it to concentration camps. In some countries animals are killed directly in the camps, in some countries they wait for a while and after they are killed, in some countries they ‘let’ the animals live in a cage as a prisoner. Of course it’s not special for West Europe, it’s same everywhere that is enough developed and hygienic.

Human used dogs-cats against wolves and rats but now time has changed. Dogs and cats are nor efficient neither needed anymore. All these methods are being applied to them -including sterilization- can be called as ethnical cleansing.

Estimated Numbers of Street Dogs in EU Countries

Austria – 0
Bulgaria – 300.000
Czech Republic – 0
France – 20.000
Germany – 0
Greece – 500.000
Hungary – 200.000
Italy – 600.000
Netherlands – 8.000
Norway – 0
Sweden – 0
Switzerland – 0
Spain – 800.000
Poland – 250.000
Portugal – 200.000
Romania – 2.000.000

Turkey – 2.000.000

Source of Numbers

Condition of dogs that are in camps and streets in EU countries


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