Freedom of Movement of Refugees is Being Restricted?

are-you-goingIn the days of discussions about freedom of movement of refugees, we thought maybe we should talk about some values that are enforced to the entire world by the western authorities.

Freedom of Movement: It’s a type of freedom that is created by the oppressors that they can go, invest, and collect information everywhere they want.

If we think on a national level, an oppressor (for example a high ranked state official, a soldier or a very rich person) wants to enter every village, every land and every house without taking permission. This is freedom of movement for them. This person wants to enter these areas, wants to invest or build something but doesn’t want to be shot, beaten up or expelled. If something like that happens, freedom of movement doesn’t exist in that country for him/her. But if an unimportant person like villager or suburban enters state institutions, military areas, properties of the rich; will be shot, beaten up, expelled and imprisoned. For them, this restriction is defined as ‘protection of private property’ and totally different from freedom of movement.

Also on an international level; oppressors wants to collect information, invest, travel, exploit sources from every country, every region. Even to be a citizen of an oppressor country, allows going almost every country without visa. Plus, economically has much more opportunity than the oppressed. If the citizen of an oppressor country is not accepted from one country, it is psychologically really hard to that citizen. He/she will talk in everywhere about restrictions on freedoms. But when an oppressed is not able to take visa, is not accepted to an oppressor country; oppressors find this pretty normal. For them freedom of movement doesn’t cover up this.

Freedom of Press: It’s a type of freedom that is created by the oppressors. So press (media) of the oppressors can make publication and propaganda without any pressure. It doesn’t cover up capturing propaganda tools of the oppressed, imprisoning-deporting journalists.

It makes more sense on the international level. Press of oppressors wants to enter every region of the world and use these publications towards their ideology and politics. If a huge media institution is not accepted or expelled from a country; that means restriction of freedom of press for them. If the media of the oppressed is being expelled, put censorships, imprisoned; that is ‘war against terror’ for the oppressors.

Freedom of Expression: It’s a type of freedom that is created by the oppressors that they can express their expressions whenever, wherever they want. Oppressed, anyway they can’t find any place to ‘express’ due to censorships, auto-censorships. And when they find, they will start to have trials because of ‘terrorist propaganda’.

There is a belief that freedom of expression is settled in developed countries. On the contrary encouragements towards illegality, suggestions that can damage system of the country, terrorist propaganda of individuals-groups can’t be seen in broadcasts, publications of mainstream media of oppressor countries. If there is a press worker that has ‘opposition’ ideas, first auto-censors himself/herself; if not gets sanctions like firing out, giving fines and imprisonments. These sanctions don’t create any contradictions with freedom of expression.

When the people that are governing the oppressor system or making propaganda of the oppressor state are blocked; for them this is called restriction of freedom of expression. Because for them ‘expression of the oppressors’ is called expression, ‘expression of the oppressed’ is called ‘terrorist propaganda’.

Right to a Fair Trial: Right of oppressors that they can have trial in their own courts, own judges-prosecutors. If oppressed wants to have a fair trial (rejects, don’t recognize the courts of oppressors), it’s punished in a heaviest way.



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