Eskişehir: Anarchists arrested in commemoration action for their comrades who were killed in Suruç last week

11800245_712793172183123_3481962157237924812_nToday, about 70 anarchists from İstanbul, Ankara, Yalova and other cities (Eskişehir Anarşi İnisiyatifi, Ankara Anarşi İnisiyatifi, İstanbul Anarşi İnisiyatifi ve Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet), gathered in Eskişehir in a commemoration action for their comrades (Alper Sapan, Evrim Deniz Erol, Medali Barutçu, Serhat Devrim) who were killed by suicide bomb in Suruç (Pirsus) last week. When anarchist gathered and started to march, police suddenly attack and arrested 17 anarchists.

It was the action of Anarchy Initiative which made an international call for solidarity action against Turkish fascist government. Also other groups, autonoms and individuals joined the action in Eskişehir.

Anarchists who gathered in front of Migros (Adalar) and started to march were attacked by police. And 17 anarchist arrested. Other activists dispersed to the streets and cafes. Then, fascgist groups appeared in the streets to annoy the protestors. Some fascists applauded police who were arresting some anarchists.

Meanwhile, police tried to criminalize the protestors and anarchists by a bomb warning in the city center. Already they blokaded roads, they increased the security in the center. Then they exploded the package with fuze on the street.

For now we don’t have more details about arrestees. 17 anarchist arrested and police doesn’t allow the arrestees to talk with their lawyers. Some police hit some lawyers of arrestees. We’ll give more updates soon.


Today, also in Istanbul, there were a Peace March which is banned by governorship. Protestors gathered in Aksaray among the police blokades and repression. Some anarchists join the demo and hold some banners on which there are pictures of anarchist comrades Alper Sapan, Evrim Deniz Erol, Medali Barutçu.

* Anarşi İnisiyatifi: Suruç Katliamı için uluslararası çağrı! / International call to action for Suruç Massacre

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